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The single most important factor in acoustic emission (AE) testing is the selection of the
AE sensor (transducer). Physical Acoustics Corporation prides itself on its ability to continually design and manufacture a diverse line of quality high sensitivity / low noise sensors to meet your particular needs. This capability is based on our solid tradition and expertise in the field of AE applications, which began with Dunegan Corporation in 1968.

Acoustic Emission SensorsOur sensors actually "listen" to structures and materials to detect AE activity. Pressure vessels, storage tanks, heat exchangers, piping, reactors, aerial lift devices, and nuclear power plants are among the most common types of structures that are monitored. In all applications, AE sensors are vital links between the test structures and the analysis instrumentation, and their performance is critical to the success of every test.

AE sensors are available from PAC in various sizes, shapes, frequency and temperature ranges, and packaging styles n order to meet the diverse needs of the application and environment. Browse our list below, or learn more about sensor calibration and selection.

Specifications & Features subject to change without notice.

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