Sensors on Sale!

Item Sensor Description Request Info
1225C-5015 Please call 1(609) 716-4000
1227-5015 Please call 1(609) 716-4000
9354237 Please call 1(609) 716-4000
9356405 Please call 1(609) 716-4000
9356686-003 Please call 1(609) 716-4000
A3U 30 kHz, Single-Ended Sensor
AE-EXT Acoustic Emission Sensor
D140A Differential, 225 kHz Sensor with Top Connector
D9202B Wideband Differential Sensor
D9203B Wideband Differential Sensor
D9203BC Epoxy coated Wideband differential sensor with bandwidth 100-1000 kHz
D9215A Please call 1(609) 716-4000
DVPAC-SC Side cable exit, Wideband differential sensor with bandwidth 100-1000 kHz
DVPAC-TC Top cable exit, Wideband differential sensor with bandwidth 100-1000 kHz
HD30SS 6-32 screw mounted miniature sensor in a stainless steel housing and 6” top cable with SMB connector
HD50 Miniature Sensor
ISR1.5 Intrinsically Safe Sensor
MICAN30-TC Sensor form the Micro family with 300 kHz resonant frequency and top cable with BNC connector
MICRO-100D Miniature, Differential, 1000khz Sensor w/1-Meter Cable
MICRO100DS Miniature, 1000khz Sensor
MICRO-100S Miniature, Single-ended, 1000khz Sensor w/Integrated 1-Meter Cable
MICRO200-HF-C Mini 2.5 mhz sensor, BNC with 12" cable
MICRO-30DS Differential micro sensor with 300 kHz resonant frequency and side cable with BNC connector
MICRO-30S Miniature Sensor
MICRO-80 Miniature Sensor
MICRO-80TC Mini, SE 800 kHz sensor with top cable
PICO-HF1.2 High-Frequency PICO Sensor with 9" Cable & SMB
PICO-TC Sensor, UMINI, S-E, With Top Cable
PK50I Low power integrated pre-amplifier sensor with 26 dB amplification and a resonant frequency of 500 kHz
PULSAR 500 kHz resonant frequency sensor in a stainless steel housing and a microdot connector to the side, has a 8-32 thread for mounting on the top side
R.45TC Low-Frequency Sensor with Top Cable 12"
R.45UC Low-Frequency Sensor with Underwater Cable
R0.45I-LP-SC 4.5kHz Sensor, Low Power Preamp with 1M Side Cable
R1.5UC 15 kHz Sensor with Underwater Cable
R15I-SC-AST 150 kHz Sensor w/Integral Premamp, 12" Side Cable & AST
R15I-TOPCON-AST Resonant 150 kHz sensor with AST and RG-58 coaxial cable with a BNC connector exiting from the top
R15-LPG 150 kHz, Single-Ended, Direct Burial
R15S-SMA Resonant 150 kHz sensor with side cable and an SMA connector
R15S-TC Resonant 150 kHz sensor with cable exiting from the top side with a BNC connector
R30 Resonant 300 kHz sensor with a microdot connector
R30DA Resonant 300 kHz differential sensor in an anodized aluminum housing
R3IUC Underwater Sensor
R50I Resonant 500 kHz 40 dB integral preamplifier sensor
R50I-AST Integral Preamp Sensor
R50S General Purpose Sensor
R50UGP 500 kHz, Underground/Water with 1 foot top cable
R6A 60 kHz Sensor with SMA Connector
R6S 60 kHz Sensor, Single-Ended with Integral Cable
R6UC Resonant 60 kHz underwater coated sensor with an integral cable and BNC connector
R80S General Purpose Sensor
S9204A Sensor, 150kHz, SE, High Sensitivity
WDIU-AST Wideband Underwater Sensor with 50 Foot Cable